Dj Harvey exclusive interview

You know this man is a true legend. And he goes for the whole package as well, so you can hardly see him doing interviews.

However, in terms of promoting his latest Locussolus album he did answer a few questions that i send him on behalf of Sonik magazine and here is the interview in its full glory.


1.Was there a concept behind the Locussolus 12” releases and now the album?What is the main idea behind the project?

I hadn’t released any music in a while, or even really been in a studio other than for Map Of Africa and that was very analogue recorded in a barn style.  So really it came down the my fingers twitching to make something new.  I don’t really try to overthink it, just go in and make something that feels right at the time

2. Who else is involved with the record (producing wise) and where was it recorded?
It was recorded in venice Beach CA, I have an engineer Josh, and then whoever else might be around to sing vocals, play keyboards on chapman stick.  Some of the players are people I saw on the venice boardwalk for years and years doing there thing that I thought it would be nice to record, then I have the girls on vocals Tara Selleck, Sam Fox and Heidi Lusardi as well as myself sometimes.

3.Considering your decision to leave the U.K. and reside somewhere between L.A. and Hawaii doing your thing did it cost your professional dj career? Or Did it make you ever since a better living person?
I left the UK for what i thought would be a mini sabbatical, and it turned into something more, I went to DJ over in Hawaii and they really didn’t have anything out there other than a bar/restaurant that we would take over, it had been a dream for a long time to have a space and in Hawaii it just came together, some old friends of mine and my managers invested, I really put years of my living research into that place, utilized a lot of contacts to make it nice.  Next up is a space on the mainland for me.  L.A is a great place, it’s a city with a beach attached, you can go downtown look at some of the finest art in the world then come back to the beach and surf.  We throw what I think is one of the greatest parties happening anywhere with Sarcastic Disco (i’ve travelled a lot lately) and Sarcastic is really up there for a party for me.

4. Which is the element that you might missing from this album? In general is there something that you would like to add on the Locussolus music on the near future.

Yeh I’ll keep going, I’ve got a million idea’s for making music, I’ve got another band I’ve been jamming with, more studio based ideas marinading, so yeh i hope to keep doing this and adding more people, players and vocalists into the mix.

5.The sound of the album has lots to do with classic rock elements or something more dark and dirty.Which bands influenced it and which bands would you suggest to give it a listen?
I listen to everything, I’m not a kid you know, so I’ve just been around a lot of different music for a long time, Captian Beefhart and Frank Zappa, both good places to start for the dirty rock sound.

6. If it wasn’t for all the djing, producing and partying with cool people around the globe, what else would you like to do in your life.

I’m a lucky guy, if I get an idea to do something I can pretty much go and do it, I have my DJ commitments and lets be honest that sure beats working, although I take it really seriously, it’s not a light hearted thing for me DJing. I might only play once a week sometimes but I’m always thinking about the upcoming party, how to make it nice, calling the venue or promoter to let them know good tweaks they could make to the sound system, particularly if it’s a place I’ve been before and I know whats there. Listening to music getting inspired with what I’ll play.  With making music if I have an idea theres a great studio (Mophonics) around the corner, I just call up Heidi and she’ll get me in there. I recently got sent Ableton (thanks Ableton!) so I’m going to have a nice mess around with that in my bedroom and see what comes of it (laughs)  I’ve got a couple bits of vintage and analogue stuff too.  I’m moving house and I’ve got a man cave I’m going to set up with all my bits of kit so lot’s of good stuff to look forward to.  If i wasn’t doing this I think I’d be a pearl fisherman in the South Pacific, eating fresh fish getting in some nice free diving, living with the beautiful ladies of the region, I might even go off and do that in later life, why not.  But right now life is good.  Stay in school kids then when your done start a band, make art, create things, don’t let anyone tell you theres nothing you can’t do.

*A Greek translated part of this interview will be printed on the next Sonik Magazine issue.

Dim Doom


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